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Thank you for visiting this site.

It is my intention to provide you with information that will bring success to your life. Success is not always measured in money. If you are able to acquire a piece or two of information that betters your life or adds to your storehouse of information, it is success.

Remember that knowledge is power but applied knowledge is wisdom.

Why might you find that type of information at this site? I have lived a good deal of life. I have lost a wife to disease after a long period of time. I have lost a son who went through too many surgeries and died much too young.

I have also enjoyed some blessings, and smiled and laughed. So, what I have to say is from the heart and it is honest. I will never recommend anything that does not have the potential to make you a bit more wise.

I look forward to your visits and to an up building interchange.

May all your dreams and hopes come true!



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